On Power Glide for Her

sensuvas ON for her is a  shockingly powerful botanical formula that creates a warm and extremely unique buzzing sensation that awakens the nerve endings, increases blood flow and makes a woman feel more sensation than ever before!

Lotions & Potions


Afterglow is a candle coveted for engaging all the senses by drizzling the warm oil on the skin as the perfect start to an unforgettable massage. The soothing wax liquefies into a luxuriant massage oil at body temperature for a sensual experience before the main event. It pours perfectly onto the body from their non-porous porcelain containers with a fuss-free spout. Why stop at massage? These candles are multi-use for scent, illumination and even skincare for an after-bath treat. 

Uber Lube

Uberlube silicone lubricant is Long-lasting, body- and condom-friendly ingredients. Dissipates when no longer needed — no sticky residue. Recommended by leading doctors. Scent-free and color-free.

On Power Glide for Him

Sensuvas On Power Glide for him is a fast-acting gel that dramatically heightens sensation for men and increases blood flow. It makes men feel thicker, firmer, and maximizes their satisfaction.

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Wicked Hybrid
The best of both worlds! Super silky water based lube that’s easy to clean as well as toy and latex friendly, blended in harmony with a rich bodied silicone that lasts and lasts. This fusion hybrid lube also includes seaweed extract for added glide and moisture. Wicked Hybrid is an excellent choice for all types of play.